Sophie - FLASH OF FIRE vom Kaninchengarten

FLASH OF FIRE vom Kaninchengarten

(Pascavale Declan x Pascavale Kiara)

dob 02.03.2015


heart MVD (doppler) Grad 0, certificate by specialist

MRI at the age 2years 4 moths- SM CLEAR, NO PSOM, CCD 1mm, CM1  all spinar core scanned

 eye disease - no PRA& Cataract        certificate by specialist

 Patella Luxation 0/0

DNA for  EFS, CC, Dry eye - clear by parentage

Sophie was awaited and seek for for a long time. I dreamed about a girl deriving from the best English lines, with a sophisticated and original pedigree. For such a unique and one-of-a-kind puppy one sometimes have to wait for years, but in this case I was very lucky. After several months of talking to a wonderful breeder Anika and Stephan Stahl, I received information: Sophie might be mine! I did not think for a moment. It was a sunny summer that we spent with family by the seaside. Happy did not have a passport, so she had to stay with the guys in Kolobrzeg. But within a few days I organized transport and set off on a solitary journey to Germany.

The first meeting with Sophie brought to my attention what an intelligent beast I will have to deal with. The little one jumped on my backpack and never came down. In the hotel she showed her devilish face for the first time, by jumping off from the terrace onto the hotel roof (!). Since then I knew that this little energetic creature will not let me get bored, and that life with her will be a lot of fun -  like riding a rollercoaster.

Sophie is a little princess. Recalls, however, not Sarah - little princess from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, but the crazy princess from the British animated film "The World of the little princess."

She is lovely, has a good heart, but also knows what she wants and needs to get it. She's like a small sting, which with tenacity and perseverance wins everything and everyone.

Her favorite place to be lying on is my back, and sometimes my head. Her persuit: frantic running across the fields or finding and eating everything what shouldn't be lying on the carpet, in the grass, or on the sidewalk. In addition, Sophie loves to cuddle and give kisses. Wherever I am, she's there. She loves to work, clean, relax, iron, browse the Internet, read a book – with me. She will always find a place on my lap, even if there are no favorable conditions for doing so. Just taking off and ... JUMP! And you simply catch her, man :)

However she hates wearing snoods, and all kinds of  body treatments, drived by a principle that "good-looking one looks always good, even ... in the mud". Meet .... Sophie :)