Happy - HAPPINESS Ruda Sympatia

HAPPINESS Ruda Sympatia 

(Clopsville MAI TAI x BASTRA Ruda Sympatia)

dob 09.03. 2014

heart MVD (doppler) Grad 0, certificate by specialist

MRI - (Syringomyelia) 0c, no PSOM document by specialist, all spinal core scanned

 eye disease - clear, certificate by specialist

 Patella Luxation 0/0

DNA for  EFS, CC, Dry eye - clear or carrier by parentage

The best proof of her amazing character it that thanks to her I fell in love with the breed.

I will never forget the day in which I saw her for the first time - even then I knew she was meant for me. With heartbeat I contacted the breeder Monica Tomyślak, hoping that this little mite is waiting just for me. In the bottom of my heart I felt that this was it.

After that everything happened very quickly, although the time that I had to patiently wait to pick her up from the kennel draged on mercilessly, and seemed to be an eternity. Finally the day came. Happy greeted me quickly and run away, having fun in the garden. You can say that I didn't make on her some great impression ;) Fortunately, journey home bound us forever. Happy felt that she is mine, and I felt that this very moment is unique, and that we both know that together we begin a very beautiful, wonderful adventure.

Happy is the dog of my dreams: polite, patient, joyful, amazing and caring for family. We understand each other without words and this I love in her the most.

Happy's kid's health from Litter HAPPINESS Ruda Sympatia x Royal Romance BAXXTER